Sheer elegance. White jade donuts measuring approx 20mm with a crown of garnet, pink tourmaline and moonstones! Hanging off delicate pave encrusted open Clover earstuds.


NING BL021-2022 $118


Peace Jasper barrels and rondells, a carved jade centrepiece with a jade fish pendant and pave encrusted toggle. These stones are a lovely and peaceful celadon with light brown and cream inclusions. Epitome of calmness and peace.


ANNE BL030-2022 $95 SOLD

 Like the afternoon out here in skies and cool...this is a stunning combo of cherry blossom smooth agate ovals measuring approx 20 x 30mm and icy clear quartz which are just slightly smaller . Pendant is a Labradorite measuring 36 x 22mm. The Labradorite has lovely blue fire and I've drawn focus to it by attaching a pave encrusted butterfly and eye catching toggle. 


CHERIE BL029-2022 $68

 Stunning rhombus shape Peruvian Pink Opal measuring an eye-catching 40mm x 20mm, with an equally beautiful cascade of freshwater (bronze) petal pearls, rose quartz, labradorite, mookaite and deep red garnet. Stunning weekend special.


GUIYING BL028-2022 $115. SOLD

 As her name suggests, she is a beauty! Guiying is a Chinese name for girls meaning laurel beauty. "Guiying was the second most popular Chinese female name during the 1960s. This pretty name references the laurel, which is a type of evergreen tree native to the Mediterranean. The green of these jade pillars are a rich,lush green.

These gorgeous Canadian jade pillars measuring approx 8 x 12 mm are teamed up with freshwater pearls and a pave encrusted butterfly. Elegance personified. 


ALEXIA BL027-2022 S$70

 Another chunky ensemble this time with the addition of coral branches and a pave encrusted side focal. Approx 20" in length.


DONNA BL026-2022 SOLD $70

Chunky, smooth, polished and colour enhanced coral beads and an assortment of pave encrusted "charms" and a gorgeous strand of little butterflies.