CORA BL2023-18 S$100 SOLD

Hope everyone's having a glorious weekend.

Carved jade ovals measuring approx 22mm, a softening touch is achieved with the addition of a shell pearl connector featuring peachy and pearly white flowers. Carved and smooth coral beads have been added to complement the little coral shell flowers.  Gold vermeil spacers and toggle.  Necklace measures 21"/54cm approx.


JEN BL20222-18 S$100 SOLD

I've decided to go green and hopefully my use of my green supplies help cool us all down.  Another day of blistering heat plus humidity makes me not want to look at my 'hot' colours and I keep zeroing in on the cooler alternatives.

In this arrangement, I've used smooth 12mm green onyx - an absolutely beautiful shade emerald - a selection of irregular shaped keishi pearls ranging from between 15mm - 18mm and an oval shaped 4cm green aventurine embellished connector. Pity my camera/photography skills are lacking so I cannot use the old adage of a picture paints 1000've just got to take my word for it.

Necklace length - 23"/56cm


ANNA BL2021-18 S$90

Happy Sunday everybody.  Its scorching out here in Singapore.....definitely above 30 C.

14mm smooth moss agate - some beads are translucent and the mossy rutiles are visible but sadly not in the photo representations.  Elbow shape jade and a gorgeous pave quartz connector for that extra zing.  Gold vermeil metal embellishments - spacers/toggle/bead caps.



Not the best photos but this is a gorgeous set of shell pearls 14mm x 20mm. A crystal pave bead cap brings these pearls to another level of gorgeous-ness.  With a simple flexible 3 framed crystal connector, the earstuds are another set of pave encrusted beauties. Drop of 4.5cm.


VIOLET BL2019-18 S$118 SOLD

An exotic looking piece featuring deep shades of purple and green......Purple, crazy lace agate beads measuring approx 25mm, a couple of 4mm smooth jade beads, an 18mm carved jade piece and a 32mm x 26mm smooth natural ruby zoisite pendant. The jade pieces have been added to complement the zoisite in the pendant.  Necklace is approx 46cm/22" in total length and ends with a vermeil toggle.  Enjoy your Sunday!


CARA BL2018-18 S$115 SOLD

I was all set to hoard my last line of jadeite nuggets because they are just gorgeous in real life.  Each nugget a special 'individual'.  Even the 'greens' are unique to each stone.  Anyway, I hope to get more jade soon so I've used my last line with an equally stunning connector which I have also been hoarding.  The connector has 2 'emerald' looking flower centrepieces surrounded by baguette cut crystals.  2 faceted deep green agate beads are also part of this necklace. 


ELVIRA BL2017-18 S$100. SOLD

These stunners - blue black line jasper and peacock blue baroque pearls - are amazing in reality.  Huge and eye poppers.  Freshwater pearls range in size from 12mm to 3cm and the jasper nuggets measure approx 26mm.  I've kept this simple just to showcase the gorgeous beads used.