DAHLIA BL3281-17 S$90 SOLD

Rushed photos as I have somewhere to be at in a short while....Zebra jasper coins, oval onyx and 2 sets of freshwater pearls - a lovely burgundy and of course pearly white.

A lovely pave butterfly clasp holds these 2 lines of beauties together.


KAY BL3290-17 S$90 SOLD

A versatile piece - an evergreen number as it will always be in style....

2 strands of freshwater pearls and different shapes of fire agate.  Longer necklace measures approx 34" whilst shorter strand is approx 30"


HANNAH BL3289-17 S$75

HANNAH's focal is a highly polished, gorgeous polymer clay cab.

I've set it in a vintage-y bezel and further embellished it with a etite maroon tassel.  Beads are rich tones of burgundy and softer hues of 'spa' and 'lark green'.  I've also chosen an 'off tangent' shade of tropical peach to reflect the yellow tones in the focal.

Beads range in length from approx 1cm to chubby 2cm.  Necklace length is approx 60cm. Cab is approx 5cm x 4cm


TESSA BL3288-17 S$115 SOLD

Freshwater pearls and Lapis

Faceted oval lapis lazuli with gorgeous pyrite inclusions 3cm x 2cm, deep midnight blue and off white freshwater pearls and a crystal pave connector.

Total length 54cm/22" approximately.


RITA BL3287-17 S$38 SOLD

Perfect for the Season, cheerful and festive with a giveaway price to match the mood.  Teardrop shape decoupage clay topped by fluted aventurine rounds.

Vermeil metal components except for the earwires which are goldfill.

Aventurine - 10mm
Clay beads - 2cm x 2cm
Drop - 5cm


TAMARA BL3286-17 S$80 SOLD

Peach and green go so well together. 

16mm Red bamboo agate coins, 12mm smooth nephrite, 30mm diagonal fire agate and a lovely 5cm long decoupage clay side focal embellished on both ends with smooth quartz chips.  Necklace measures 24"/62cm approximately.


BELLA BL3285-18 S$88 SOLD

Thrilled at how this has turned out.  Simple and elegant.

A delightful (gorgeous actually) rose gold crystal pave encrusted bow connector and a necklace of sea sediment jasper in 2 shapes - 13 x 18 mm and 13 x 10mm faceted polygonal and 13 x 18mm flaat ovals.

Of course the eye catcher here is the 38 x 48mm micro pave rose gold bow connector.

Necklace measures approx 22"/56cm approximately.

Bold and Beautiful!