DORENE BL2026-2020 S$65 SOLD

This is a bespoke pair. 

Pressed flowers resin beads are pairedwith gorgeous almond shape, faceted two tone quartz stones.
Rondelles in complementary tones sit snugly between the two sets of beads. Dangling off matte tone, etched gingko leaf earstuds.


SAKURA BL2025-2020 S$23 SOLD

Another set of pressed flowers set in resin.  Lightweight and eye catching.

KYM BL2024-2020 S$25

Real, dried flowers pressed and sealed in Jewellers resin. Purchased these beads during my last trip to Osaka, Japan before the madness of the pandemic changed all our lives.


JANIS BL2023-2020 S$70

These are ribbed Amethyst brios measure approx 35mm x 15mm and teamed with rose goldplated metal components and baguette cut quartz crystals. Gorgeousness personified.


JOY BL2022-2020 S$88 SOLD

 An interesting medley of shapes and stones. Agate, onyx, obsidian, coral and polymer clay....all carefully put together for an appealing and stunning neck adornment. Different textures too....carved, beveled, smooth....


ZOE BL2021-20 S$80 SOLD

30mm x 12mm carved Chrysoprase feathers and a precious selection of multi coloured tourmaline, amethyst, topaz, lemon and rose quartz brios and rondells complete this gorgeous pair. Held up by pave encrusted ear studs.


BECKY BL4015-2020 S$90 SOLD

A lovely Mother’s Day creation. Banded agate faceted slabs and freshwater pearls. Agate slabs measure approx 3cm whilst pearls are between 5mm - 12mm. An elegant  pave encrusted connector featuring multiple little fans add an elegant touch.