CELINE BL2027-19 S$65 SOLD

A refreshing combo of an Ametrine - Green amethyst and Citrine quartz - brios, a cluster of rondells and a buffed to a shine polymer clay chartreuse bead.  The earhoops take this pair to a whole different level.  It's a pair of gold filled, peridot and clear tone quartz crystals with a teardrop clear crystal dangle.  I think my followers who own anything I've created would know that my photos don't do justice to my work.


AMY BL2026-19 S$80. SOLD

A selection of really pretty Amethyst slabs and nuggets, hot pink quartz and opalite quartz to enhance the gorgeous butterfly which features similar shades of stones.  Sterling silver metal components.

SHEBA BL2025-19 S$80

An exotic creaturing featuring Thunder Jasper 25mm x 18mm in shades of grey, tan, mauve and red.  I've used light champagne and deep emerald tone quartz to enhance the rhinestones on the gorgeous cat.


SERENE BL2024-19 S$95 SOLD

The photos don't show it but these agate nuggets measuring approx 14mm x 10mm are like little dollops of jelly.  Translucent in some stones with natural white inclusions in others.  A gorgeous 4 petal flower with opalite crystals on them and a centre comprising deep emerald green crystals go perfectly with the opalite rondells and green floral lampwork beads I've added to the arrangement.


CAMY BL2023-19 S$85 SOLD

Flat, faceted, elongated banded irregular size agate nuggets measuring approx 2cm x 15cm, lampwork glass beads, deep chocolate quartz rondells and a matte gold floral connector measuring approx 5cm x 3cm at its broadest.


HONEY BL2022-19 S$95 SOLD

Faceted, slightly oval, flat Jasper nuggets measuring approx 2cm in length, yellow agate barrels approx 12mm and an absolutely gorgeous gun metal connector measuring approx 4cm in length


DAPHNE BL2021-19 S$55

Faceted, golden citrine quartz brios, matte polymer clay, citrine, green amethyst, and maroon and turquoise quartz rondells make up this head turner.  The brios are like liquid gold when they catch the light....gorgeous pieces.