Rich tones of burnished gold, teal, peacock blue and dark pine....we don't have autumn out here but I have seen fauna and flora in different countries during Autumn and these do resemble some foliage during Autumn.  I've embellished the leaves with rondells in corresponding tones and topped it with a handmade lampwork rondells in a lighter earth tone in keeping with the 'natural' theme of this pair.  Simple goldfilled french wires dangle these off your ears.

Leaves are approx 6.5cm x 2cm and 6cm x 2cm.  These are re-creations in clay of actual leaves so there is some variance between one leaf and the next.


ALICE BL3199-17 S$65 SOLD

All geared up for the long festive weekend out here in Singapore.  To add to the festive mood, I've created a cheerful and happy pair of earrings featuring two types of clay beads....gorgeous leaf impressions and equally lovely clay rondells with with petals around them.  Shades of turquoise, pink and mauve.

Leaves measure 35mm x 30mm
Clay rondells measure 15mm x 5mm
Drop: 8cm


MAYLENE BL3198-17 S$130 SOLD

I get rather excited when I acquire stones that are uncommon and then find embellishments that complement the stones and bring them on to another level of beauty.

These gorgeous Angelite, smooth, round stones are in an enviable size of 14mm.  I've chosen a   connector - measuring 6cm x 3.5cm - which resembles seaweed swaying gently underwater whilst engulfing a shell pearl which is also around 14mm for a little extra glamour. Dark grey Swarovski studded rondells and goldfilled and gold vermeil spacers just add to the beauty of this necklace which measures 23"/56cm.


GRACE BL3197-17 S$90 SOLD

We finally had a downpour.....loud thunder and about 15minutes of a most welcome rain shower.
Whilst the place has been cooled down a fair bit, its taken the sun away too with all the clouds in the sky.

These photos show a deceptive dark, almost black tone of gorgeous agate rondells which are actually a shade of lovely dark green ->
I've teamed these rondells which measure in descending order 20mm to 8mm with 16mm handmade polymer clay pillows in shades of green orange.  A few clusters of peachy coral elbows have been added to 'lighten' this sultry number

Necklace measures 23"/56cm and ends with a gold vermeil toggle.



As the name suggests, this is a yellow toned necklace.  12mm smooth yellow precious opal beads which have to be seen in reality to be appreciated.  The yellow opal is supposedly a stone of emotional stability.... but for me, I just love the beauty in each stone, each one being of a different shade of yellow - ranging from pale thru amber and the iridescent flashes in some of the stones.  This necklace has a unique combo of precious opals, handmade lampwork rondells and a butterfly and handmade polymer clay pillows measuring 14mm x 14mm

Necklace length is 23"/56cm


ROSA BL3195-17 S$95 SOLD

Starting the new week on a rosy note.  Aren't these faceted Rhodonite beads just gorgeous?  Lovely rosy tones from blush to deep pink.  Accompanying these gorgeous beads is a similarly gorgeous Peacock connector with a 20mm button shell pearl set in its middle.  The eye of the peacock facing up is set in a rubelite crystal quartz. The connector paved with round and marquis cut crystals.  Just gorgeous.  The outer and single strand Rhodonite is 12mm in diamete whilst the inner strand is 10mm
Necklace measures approx 23"/54cm in total length.


BLOSSOM BL3194-17 S$100 SOLD

Aren't these the 'coolest' colours to beat the heat....its a scorcher of a day out here in Singapore but this necklace with minty greens and shades of blush - from the light to dark - kind of makes me think of a tall frosted glass of pink guava juice with lime zest.

Colour enhanced 14mm round agate beads, clay leaves which measure slightly under 6cm x 3cm and a filigree leaf which is embellished with pink and white lucite flowers.  Necklace measures approx 58cm/23"