KELLY BL3071-2020 $75 SOLD

 Natural, smooth agate nuggets with natural inclusions and ‘pits’.  The irregular shapes and striations of the stones give this an edgy, organic look. You have to appreciate natural minerals to love this.


ALLYSA BL3070-2020 $68

 Amazonite drops measuring 33 x 28mm, a concoction of Amethyst, Apatite,topaz, quartz...


AGNES BL3069-2020 $108

 A gorgeous medley of semi precious gemstones - amethyst, peridot, citrine, garnet, green onyx, freshwater keishi baroque pearls and a few crystals towards the back. Matte gold plated Garland connector. Approx. 69cm/27".


FELICIA BL3068-2020 $68 -SOLD


A garden of blooms....


DAISY BL3067-2020 $68

 A really cheerful creation. Shell pearls,Mooakite,coral, polymerclay and a bouquet of rondells in colours I extracted from the clay pillows.

LILY BL3066-2020 S$78


Check out the little touches of "prettiness" I've added to this gorgeous piece of eye candy. Amethyst,  Rose Quartz, freshwater Pearls, Checz glass flowers...enamel flower connector....


FERN BL3065-2020 S$65

 Unusual setting of green tourmaline chips on MOP 28mm x 15mm, paired with turquoise, chalcedony, emerald green, peridot green rondells. Coming out of the ocean onto pristine golden sand...