TWINKLE BL2062-18 S$105 SOLD

TWINKLE.....Believe it or not, this is an actual female name.  It means shine with an unsteady light.  I chose this name, firstly because of the twinkle in the stones but also because the 'fire' in the stones is unsteady and dependent on the direction it faces and which facet catches the light.

Chunky, faceted Labradorite slabs approx 20mm - 25mm in length and about 20mm across.  In between these gorgeous chunks, I've includewd smooth ovals and 'slices'.  A cluster of rainbow effect quartz rondells sit charmingly below the leaf connector which is studded with crystals a 'revolving' gold plated, pave encrusted bee.


CHLOE BL2061-18 S$105 SOLD

I spent the best part of my Saturday morning/afternoon creating this......I found the 'perfect' blend of beads to accompany the polymer clay cubes but as I am not much into rigidity and form and prefer the softer assymetrical arrangements, I had an add one, take away two, add in another 4 kind of a process before I finally satisfied myself on the arrangement.

A mixture of hot pink hydro quartz nuggets ranging in size from between 13mm to 16mm, keishi nugget pearls measuring between 11 - 14mm and the 3 cubes forming the centre of the necklace measuring 15mm.  Taking a colour from the clay cubes, I added 2 handmade lampwork flowers in a shade of sea-foam.


KYLIE BL2060-18 S$70 SOLD

A lovely, cheerful piece featuring Czech glass, polymer clay, resin, crysstals and lucite beads.  A lovely blend of blues and buff. 


Decoupage, CZech glass and crystals.


JENNA BL2059-18 S$80 SOLD

Sorting out my 'inventory/supplies' to decide what I want to keep and what I want to give away to a good cause.....came upon a boxful of these gorgeous, faceted Czech glass ovals.  Almost like the real thing with a really lovely sheen.  Here, I've combined 20mm x 15mmdeep amethyst tone with a silvery ice and 16mm polymer clay pillows.  Between the pillows are clusters of rondells in colours picked from the pillows.

Necklace length approx 24" and ends with a sterling toggle.


POLLY BL2058-18 S$90 SOLD

Gorgeous poppy red, natural coral sticks, carved cinnabar, a colour enhanced red turquoise nugget and stunning keishi freshwater pearl nuggets.  Of course the head turner would have to be the side focal.  I love the contrast of red against the high lustre pearls.  It might be Independence Day in the US of A but moving forward, this would be perfect for Singapore's National Day.


GLORIA - BL2057-18 S$115 SOLD

This is a piece I 'played' around with till I got the 'perfect' feel.  Biwa stick freshwater pearls, green onyx beads and stunning connector and tiny sterling spacers.  If only I was better at photography.