JOYCE BL055-2021 S$98

 Cool, cloudy morning. A precious keepsake comprising banded and moss agate with a generous addition of jade. Going at an incredibly generous price.


BAO BL054-2021 $115

Double happiness, double joy.

FRANCINE BL053-2021 $75

 Labradorite triangles beautiful in person with a topping of equally gorgeous rondelles. 


IVY BL052-2021 $70

 Gorgeous purple amethyst and lavender agate, much like laavendee jade....two butterflies flutter on the side. Generous price.


ALICIA BL051-2021 $80

 A combo of pink opals and freshwater pearls and gold pyrite spacer beads. To brighten up our days that are filled with caution, this is going at a very special price. 


MYLENE BL050-2021 $58

 35mm Smooth Agate brio's adorned with a host of semiprecious stones ..moonstones, Smokey quartz, pink and green tourmaline, carnelian.....big, bold and beautiful!


LI BL049-2021 $88

 This creation gives out a mythical vibe, probably because of the side focal. This necklace is a gorgeous medley of carved natural agate barrels, lemon chrysoprase and polymer clay beads. Gorgeous piece.