IVY BL3049-19 S$70 SOLD

Gorgeousness......14mm square Amethyst tone bevelled quartz cushions, a cascade of freshwater pearls and amethyst rondells  in the colours of the polymer clay rondellls.  Pave encrusted earwires complete these beauties.


JANE BL3048-19 S$85

Agate nuggets teamed up with aventurine coins and polymer clay rounds. A pave encrusted beetle rests on an oval aventurine stone.

The agate has lovely shades of pink, brick and light mauve.


EMMA BL3047-19 S$70 SOLD

Not the best photos but the skies have darkened and I don't do well, as we all know, with artificial lighting.....even with a light box.  Bear with me.

These gorgeous deep green topazs weighing approx 30 carats and measuring 30mm x 15mm x 9mm
are crowned by petite keishi freshwater pearls and held together by lovely deep rose pink and green polymer clay earstuds.

JOAQUIM BL3046-29 S$68

Gorgeous pink opal smooth briolettes measuring 43mm x 11mm, capped with a pewter set of cones, a bouquet of pink/purple rondells and a set of polymer clay studs that remind me of the Vanda Miss Joaquim, the National flower of Singapore.


NORMA BL3045-19 S$65 SOLD

Just a couple of bees hovering over a leaf in my secret garden.....

3.5cm x 3cm (at its broadest) carved MOP leaves
12mm pave bees
Polymer clay rondells 13 x 7mm



Still bright and sunny outdoors....and hot, tried to find a spot in the garden without shadows or direct sun but not very successful....anyway, the photos are clear enough to show the details of the assymetrical pearl necklace and luxe pave connector.  28" in length for longest strand.


BEBE BL3043-19 S$68 SOLD

Amazonite squares measuring approx 15mm encrusted with gold plating, gorgeous little pave encrusted bees and an etched set of earstuds.  Drop of appro 6cm