LIZA BL2051-18 S$75

In the blink of an eye, we're in June!  First piece for June....brick red Jasper coins and an unusual diamond cut.  A rectangular side focal of a red Jasper which I've embellished with leaves entwined add that oomph! effect to this classic piece. 


GLENDA BL2054-18 S$118 SOLD

Accomplishment of the day...........I wanted the side focal to be where the eye is drawn to and I think I've accomplished that by being minimalist and sticking to 2 colour.....shades of green and garnet.

12mm lush green agate, 5mm aventurine elbow beads, little garnet - natural and not colour enhanced - nuggets and ovals and the stunner.....a 4,5cm  jade green (probably colour enhanced) aventurine donut embellished with crystals.  Just gorgeous in person.


GINA BL2053-18 S$85

Black, white, shades of grey............Large, between 25 - 35mm silver leaf jasper smooth ovals, approx 15mm black agate and freshwater pearls between 8 mm - 13.5mm.  Necklace is a little more stunning than these photos and it measures approx 36"/91 cm in total length.


CHERIE BL2052-18 S$98 SOLD

This has truly been a labour of love for me....Much time and effort spent in ensuring I maximise and optimise the beauty of all elements used for this necklace.

Elongated, high lustre nugget pearls 14-17mm,


RACHEL BL2051-18 S$115 SOLD

Just to show the lovely shade of green apatite, these faceted quartz nuggets measuring approx 10mm x 16mm, are accompanied by freshwater keishi pearls and polymer clay pillows.  I've used a lovely double strand pave encrusted butterfly clasp to complete this stunner.



Microfaceted, onion shape, neon blue quartz brios and polymer clay pillows.....Goldfilled earwires.

DIANA BL2049-18 S$100 SOLD

The euphoria of the Royal wedding - though it doesn't involve me - is still thick in the air.  Inspired whilst watching the entire event, I created this rightly royal piece featuring pink and purple amethyst with a few ametrine nuggets in between.  The star of this show would have to be the gorgeous pave encrusted ballerina....except for her limbs, all other parts are crystal studded in colours similar to the necklace.  Silver spacers and toggle.  21" in length.