CLARE BL2025-18 S$90

These lovely faceted Amazonite slabs - approx 19mm x 24mm, rose gold plated spacers, starburst of elongated freshwater rice pearls and a single stalk of pave encrusted rose. 


ALICE BL2024-18 S$88

Swoon worthy green zebra jasper faceted coins - approx 14mm, rose gold filigree butterfly with encased crystals and an emerald green crystal eye.  Little clusters of freshwater keishi pearls flank the lovely butterfly.  Rose gold plated metal embellishments.


BL2023-18 S$85 SOLD

Diagonal cut black line jasper measuring approx 20mm and the most gorgeous floral connector to add a significant 'twist' to these stones.  The petals are a royal blue and it is an outstanding contrast to the stark black/grey/white jasper sones.


AIDA BL2022-18 S$88 SOLD

Faceted, slightly twisted 30mm x 20mm at its broadest, Phantom quartz with gold and white rutiles.  I've added a stunning connector of a wreath of pave encrusted flowers, butterflies and a beetle.  Not wanting to 'compete' with the lovely connector, I played down the side focal by just using freshwater pearls with white/gold enamel bead caps. Would dress up a multitude of outfits.


MARGIE BL2021-18 S$100 SOLD

Whilst I'm thoroughly enjoying the lovely cool afternoon weather, the lack of sun just means my photos leave much to be desired.

MARGIE features lab created hot pink faceted quartz measuring 17mm x 15mm, 10 - 12mm freshwater almost round pears, 10mm freshwater coin pearls, clusters of 3mm freshwater pearls and a gorgeous centrepiece mesuring approx 6cm across.

Perfect for the upcoming festive season.



Porcelain like, this gorgeous little number features 15mm x 10mm oval jasper, 12mm polymer clay beads and a petite pave connector measuring 25mm x 15mm. 

Delicate and precious.


BL2019-18 S$95 SOLD

A set of stones that I've been 'hoarding' because the good stuff is not easy to come by.  Mined mainly in Russia, these are Charoite tiles measuring 14mm x 14mm.  They range in colour from a pale lavender to a deep purple with gorgeous translucent marbeling.  I've added to this, cape amethyst nuggets and given it even more 'punch' with the introduction of polymer clay rondells exhibiting pink, red, violet and cream tones.  Clusters of rondells and pearls crown the clay beads.  The connector just completes this stunning arrangement.