LEMON BL3010-19 S$85

A happy, snappy piece.  Crazy lace agate is stunning.....I call this a happy piece because this stone is associated with sunny fiestas and dancing and is a stone that also exudes joy and happiness to the wearer.  I've used several shapes and sizes of this stone, oval stones measuring approx 28mm x 18mm, wavy coins and ovals measuring approx 18mm, and irregular shape nuggets.  14mm deep yellow aventurine add extra 'sunshine' to this piece.  I've added a cluster of 3mm mother of pearls smooth beads and 2 polymer clay barrel beads.  Simply put, sunshine in a necklace.


LAVINIA BL3009-19 S$85

14nn purple lepidolite rouns, lampwork and CZ bead, petal keishi freshwater pearls and a spray of lavender enamel tulips.  Lilac lepidolite is found usually in Zimbabwe, Africa. Some of the stones have a chatoyant luminosity.


JACKIE BL3008-19 S$90 SOLD

Turquoise goes so well with coral...In this case, sponge coral.  18mm sponge coral ovals, gorgeous keishi petal pearls, a crystal pave encrusted turquoise connector, and a lily white floral connector. Colour combo/contrast is really lovely in reality.


ANNA BL3007-19 S$85

This is a beautiful colour pallette......from soft hues to bold vibrant ones.....ivory, cream, mustard, smokey pink, grey, mauve, brown......and the colours go on.  20mm smooth Mookaite coins, 14mm and 10mm faceted round Mookaite and smooth Jasper tiles also measuring approx 20mm.  A rather special floral connector with see thru' leaves, make this a definite head turner.


ARLENE BL3006-19 S$70 SOLD

15mm matte Picasso Jasper coins, polymer clay coins and a Peranakan looking Kerosang.  A kerosang is a set of brooches used by the Peranakan Chinese nonyas to fasten adn adorn the front portion of their kebaya or blouse which is worn over a sarong. The Jasper coins are lovely as each stone is artistically different with its natural and inherent lines/dashes/splashes.  Autumn colours in this necklace.


DONNA BL3005-19 S$85 SOLD

I've used two shapes of denim blue Dumortierite beads here....coin shape measuring approx 20mm and tiles measuring 15mm.  A lovely posy of 2 enamel flowers with beautiful detailing and 2 polymer clay lentils just enhance the loveliness of the demortierite beads.  Sterling silver and pewter metal spacers.


IRIN BL3004-19 S$65 SOLD

A rushed photo as I'm trying to beat the impending rain and the sky is already threatening to burst.

Huge serpentine ovals measuring approx 33mm x 23mm, a cluster of rondell - ruby red, emerald green, green amethyst and clear quartz.  All metal components are in rose gold plated.

For the bold and beautiful.