CINDY BL3054-2020 S$95 SOLD

A symphony of shapes and colours. Fluorite is not readily available in these shapes and sizes.....smooth rounds are the more commonly available shape. So this is an extra special treat for CINDY's new owner.

A picture paints a thousand words. Enjoy!


POLLY BL3053-2020 S$75

A selection of warm, romantic tones of smokey pink, strawberry chocolate, Cocoa, Buff and a gorgeous wavy Jasper pendant which I've embellished with a pave encrusted leaf 


VAL BL3052-2020 S$60

Smooth, flat tourmaline triangle brios with rondell crown clusters pink tourmaline, garnet, smokey quartz, rose quartz and lavender and lilac quartz. Tourmaline triangles measure 25mm x 20mm


EDNA BL3051-2020 S$80

Large Jasper nuggets - off white base with swirls and swirls of brown,beige and sage. To give these nuggets a little nudge in the "pop" department, I've used yellow agate barrels 18 x 12mm and oval agate 25mm x 15mm. Carved Jasper oval 25 x 15mm, separated by rondells in corresponding shades of the beads. A matte, etched wavy gold tone bead raises the glam factor of this gorgeous creation.


NINA BL3050-2020 - SOLD

16mm wavy raw tourmaline and a gorgeous side focal comprising a leaf shape decoupage bead  40mm x 25mm at its widest, lucite flowers and a resting damsel fly.


GRETA BL3049-2020 S$70

To add a little pop to Corporate grey, I worked in a polymer clay leaf in shades of purple and gold with rondells in colours of the handmade leaf.

SANDRA BL3048-2020 S$85 SOLD

A gorgeous combination of Agate, Jasper and Sponge Coral.