BELLA BL3034-19 S$65 SOLD

I love all the pieces I don't blame me for doing a litle bit of a 'boast'.  This is an outstanding pair....whilst the collage doesn't show it, the faceted, bevelled aquamarine tone oval blue Topaz brios are such a lush tone that I wish I had a better camera to show how beautiful this pair really is.  Held up by dainty polymer clay ear studs, I've used the colours of the clay beads plus the gorgeous brios aand added a posy of rondells in the same colour palette.



Gorgeous peridot tone faceted quartz pillars, a bouquet of llittle buds and blossoms and a really cute chatrreuese tone, polymer clay set of earposts. 

5cm drop


MEGHAN BL3032-19 S$98 SOLD

Princesslike......a gorgeous centrepiece comprising clear quartz crystals and a magnificent Emerald tone crystal teardrop.  Two lines of freshwater pearls nuggets averaging 12 mm hold up the regal centrepiece.  Truly fit for a Princess.


DORA BL3031-19 S$88

Brecciated Jasper ovals 25 x 18mm, fire engine red shell pearls and a head turner pewter tone leaf connector.....I've deliberately used gold tone spacers to add extra zing to this already gorgeous ensemble.


ROSIE BL3030-19 S$90 SOLD

Lovely ROSIE is off to a new and loving home. The Jasper and freshwater pearl combo fits in beautifully with the polymer clay round beads I've included.  This is truly a day 'brightener'.....when you're down and weary.....ROSIE is a great pick me up for the 'mood' and for your outfit 😊


LILLY BL3029-19 S$88

Finally decided on a colour palette for this and baby pink.

14mm, smooth, chunky minty tone agate and a 40mm faceted Rose Quartz side focal which is adorned on either side by a 12mm rose quartz rondell and a couple of porcelain lampwork beads.  A pewter tone bouquet of clay flowers form the connector on the other side.  Eye candy for sure!


SHIREEN BL3028-19 S$88

Jasper nuggets - approx 18mm, coral barrels, and a 'corsage' of roses and leaves.  Earthy and Autumnal colours.