Thursday, March 23, 2017

GEK BL3160-17 S$75 SOLD

Sometimes, we just want something snazzy/eye catching yet simple, to jazz up a monotone outfit.  This creation has a myriad of options inspite of it being a simple and classic piece.  Lots of earthy colours which would liven up even the dullest browns.

Delicate pale jade faceted cushions measuring 15mm x 15mm, bronzey matte handmade glass spacers and the pieces that give this necklace a colour boost, are handmade lampwork lentils measuring approx 20mm.  Would do well with casual tops or more dressy work wear.  Necklace length is approx 21-1/2" or 54cm.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

ANGIE BL3159-17 S$100 SOLD

Cool green, blue and in between.....slightly wavy green Aventurine coins approx 16mm in diameter, a gorgeous refreshing smooth green agate elongated beads measuring approx 12mm x 8mm and faceted London Blue quartz ovals measuring approx 12 mm x 8mm too.  Side focal is a stunner approx 6cm x 3cm.  Necklace measures 56cm/22"

Thursday, March 16, 2017

CASSIE BL3168-17 S$100 SOLD

These are huge freshwater pearls, some pearls going up to 13mm, they have a beautiful lustre but unfortunately they are not perfect. I've selected the best from the line and there are small imperfections on some of the pearls so I've moved those towards the back. that I've got the 'truth' out of the way, just dwell on the gorgeousness of the bow at the side which has beautifully cut crystals that glitter and gleam in the light.  Necklace measures approx 19".


I am absolutely smitten by these gorgeous, finely carved heart shape Rhodonite stones that are exquisite in reality.  I won't be doing this justice if I were to over embellish or dress up these beads.  Just simple pearls and opalite rondelles.  The floral carvings are smooth and truly masterful.  The rhodonite stones measure 23mm at its broadest and 23mm in height.  Total drop from curve of earhooks to tip of stones is approx 5.5cm/2.5"

Sunday, March 12, 2017


These 12mm faceted agate are in the most delectable shades of peach....smokey, pinky, peachy pink or just plain peachy....dressed up the beads with a gorgeous swirly crystal pave encrusted connector and a little cluster of freshwater pearls and carnellian and peachy moonstone rondells....a couple of carved carnellian leaves finishes off the cluster.  Necklace is approx 22"

Saturday, March 11, 2017


A particularly hot Saturday afternoon, albeit very windy.

This creation is a combo of fiery reds/oranges/grapefruit and cool jungle green.  16mm wavy smooth Unakite and Red Jasper coins and a side focal which I've arranged feauring a lovely enamel white flower surrounded by hues of green red and white.  Necklace is longish....approx 22"/55cm

Friday, March 10, 2017

KYM BL3164-17 S$90


I wish I had a more professional camera so that I would be able to capture the gorgeous hues and tones of these tourmaline beads which aren't so evident in this collage .....I've used 3 shapes/sizes for this creation - 12mm round, 12mm square and 10mm coins.  I've included side focal on either is a handcrafted lampwork heart measuring 15mm x 13mm x 10mm embraced on each end by a smooth pink tourmaline rondell and on the other side is a focal that I assembled featuring lacquered leaves, resin rose and flower, rondells and a bezeled pearl.  Length is approx 22"/55cm.