CHARIS BL3075-19 S$75

Carved Rhodonite flowers, keishi petal pearls, silver grey baroque pearls, light and dark pink tourmaline and etched teardrop ear studs.


ELLEN BL3074-19 S$88 SOLD

Stunningly beautiful Kasumi pink/champagne gold freshwater pearls topped by a cluster of tiny silvery grey keishi pearls.  Really a challenge to photography these beauties and I still haven't managed to capture the gorgeous lustre of these pearls.


ROSLYN BL3073-19 S$75 SOLD

AA grade, pale rose quartz smooth drops with a soft cascade of freshwater pearls, chalcedony and labradorite rondells.  Perfectly dangling off a set of gold tone bezel pearl studs.  Drop of approx 5cm.


Xuě BL3072-19 S$ 280 SOLD

20+mm Baroque pearls...........what else do I need to say.....not picture perfect cos I am a bad photographer (or maybe I just don't have a good enough camera :)


MINT BL3071-19 S$70

A refreshing number, especially for our hot and humid weather.  Minty green Aventurine rounds from 8mm to 10mm, Polymer clay 14mm rounds, irregular shape yellow opal nuggets.  A crystal encrusted connector adds to the charm of this cute little number.


YVETTE BL3070-19 S$68

A combination of black onyx, agate, handmade ceramic beads measuring approx 30 x 24 x 15mm and smooth oval Czech glass rose red beads.  Faceted black onyx round beads measure 15mm and 20mm.  Wheels measure 18mm whilst black agate coins measure  25mm.  Beautiful beads.

JUDY BL3069-19 S$78

Mixed Agate smooth 12mm rounds in shades of yelllow, green, clear, orange, brown, keishi large pearls 10 -  12mm, polymer clay rondell, vermeil leaf toggle and carved jade rose with a cluster of citrine, carnellian, peridot and freshwater pearls.   Summery bordering on Autumn.