SANDY BL2082-18 S$90 SOLD

Trapezoid and square, Red River Jasper with some nuggets from the same family towards the back.  A mid focal selection of jasper rondells and a side focal pave flower connector for that extra oomph!

Trapezoid jasper measures 24 x 20mm and the squares measure 14mm.  Stunning stones.



A happy, sunny pair of earrings featuring image transfer clay, handmade lampwork flower buds, a cluster of rondells in colours of the sunset
Clay trapeziums measure approx 23mm x 20mm, lampwork bulbs measure approx 12mm x 10mm and the whole arrangement drops approx 7cm.  Rose gold plated metal components.


JANIS BL2080-18 S$80 SOLD

Can you smell the weekend.  One more sleep...........

Starting off the day with lovely wavy wood jasper coin beads measuring approx 30mm, a gorgeous tree connector with white pom poms and a cluster of freshwater pearls and rondells in a complementary tone.

Have a good day everybody.


CARINE BL2079-18 S$88 SOLD

Something slightly different....which I haven't done in a while....long, link, necklace.

Featuring gorgeous freshwater keishi pearls - 12 - 14mm, an eyecatching floral pendant and pink opals, rose quartz, blue quartz, rose gold plated crystal connectors and all linked by rose gold wire.

Pendant measures approx 5cm whilst necklace measures approx 80cm.


GRACE BL2078-18 S$60 - SOLD

Hand cut, stamped, textured, oxidized, brushed and polished copper with an image transfer that is coated in jewellery grade resin.

The image is reminiscent of a batik print and I've finished this pair using rose gold plated metal components.  All the lovely colours of the 'batik motiff' is reflected in the rondell cluster.  Copper pieces are approx 3cm x 2cm at its broadest and the arrangement drops at 6cm.



Lovely, cool Saturday out here in a usually sunny Singapore.

I've gone with the moment and chosen some cool blues to work with.....sodalite....rectangular faceted flat pillars 18x12mm and smooth, puffy 20mm sodalite coins.  A swarm of pave butterflies - I checked.  Whilst they are gentle little creatures, the collective noun of swarm seems a little harsh for these beautiful beauties, and a cluster of deep blue, grey, white and pearls to pump up the glam.  Really lovely in reality.

POPPY BL2076-18 S$75 SOLD

One of my favourite mediums to work with - minerals.....these 30mm slightly wavy Jasper coins are an interesting mix of smokey lilac, sage, pink, ochre, smokey brown and cream.  What I like about minerals are the natural inclusions that make each stone different. I've added a deep maroon flower connector to add the 'pop' element to this piece and also little clusters of rondells in colours inherent in these stones.