GRETA BL3017-19 S$90 SOLD

Gorgeous natural Amethyst flat faceted nuggets 15mm x 20mm, polymer clay pillows 16mm and a stunning pave encrusted butterfly connector.


WENDI BL3016-19 S$95 SOLD

Classic colours of black and red......Black agate in various shapes and sizes and surface finishes, polymer clay large rondells, faux pearls and an eye catching connector in gunmetal finish!
For the bold and confident....a head turner and conversation starter.


MING - BL3015-19 S$60 SOLD

Just like the delicate blue and white China/pottery, I created this piece with the MING  blue porcelain in mind.

I've used large white Alabaster beads, 16mm rounds, 35mm slightly wavy irregular shape oval, 25mm x 15mm rectangles, 15mm Sodalite tiles and 12mm blue and white porcelain beads.

GAIA BL3014-19 S$80

GAIA - Mother Earth....these gorgeous Jasper stones in three different sizes and two shapes have all the elements of the earth.....sand, fern, forest green, burnt orange, dark brown....I've paired them off with a gorgeous natural agate bow cluster. 

Square centrepiece 25mm , Large ovals 30mm x 20mm  whilst the smaller ovals measure 25mmx 18mm.  Bow connector 60mm x 35mm at its broadest.  Lovelier in reality.


EMILY BL3013-19 S$85 SOLD

Teardrop shape Venus jasper measuring approx 35mm, 16mm polymer clay beads, dumbell shape coral and an enamel butterfly featuring many colours of the beads used here. Grey, peach, blue, ochre, grey, wine.....


RHONDA BL3012-19 S$98 SOLD

Unusual carved natural shades of grey quartz, hot pink and emerald green faceted quartz nuggets, faceted round natural agate spacers and a swirl of butterflies.

Grey quartz 15mm x 20mm
Pink and Green quartz 15 - 19mm
Agate spacers 4mm


HILDA BL3011-19 S$70 SOLD

A cheerful, almost Christmassy piece on an otherwise wet and cloudy day.

16 and 14mm moss agate smooth rounds with 3mm rounds as spacers, polymer clay rondells, horizontally oval red shell pearls, a petite floral connector and clusters of deep red and green rondells.