PIPPA BL2038-18 S$90 SOLD

Another elegant, piece.  Slim Russian charoite with matrix (embedded minerals giving some of them a lovely pearly sheen)  14mm x 10mm, 12mm freshwater pearls and butterflies in flight.  The Charoite beads are basically purple but with streaks of dark purple bordering on black.

ADELE BL2037-18 S$98 SOLD

Adele, the elegant and precious swan in this lovely blush arrangement.  Gorgeous rhodonite rondells, pink opals, pink keishi stick pearls and the lovely Lady Adele.  The rhodonite rondells are lovely - blush to dark purple, some opaque, some translucent. Pink rose gold plated pave encrusted swan measures approx 6cm from wing tip to base and the rhodonite rondells measure appro 12mm across and 8mm thick.  


KELLY BL2036-18 S$98 SOLD

A 'luxe' creation featuring natural agate pillows - 18mm x 13mm - in earthy tones and an elegant crystal burst in the shape of a flower connector with a 12mm shell pearl in the centre.  I do love this piece very much.


EDEN BL2035-18 S$95 - SOLD

I'm not sure why, except probably because I have a simple P & S camera, these banded agate coins are showing up in shades of brown - on my monitor - whereas in reality they're lovely tones of green....These gorgeous coins are 2.5cm in diameter and I've 'softened' the look with an equally stunning rose gold tone crescent shape connector featuring pave encrusted,  mother of pearl flowers , crystals and shell pearls.

On the other side of the necklace is a cluster of freshwater pearls.  Necklace length is approx 18"/46cm


ZITA BL2034-18 S$90 SOLD

Hope everyone is having a restful, happy Sunday.

This is a piece I completed whilst working on another custom order.   This piece which exudes love and romance - Rose Quartz is supposedly a stone that encourages unconditional love - features a variety of really good stock of Rose Quartz.....some translucent and some cloudy, I like both properties and sometimes deliberately choose cloudy over clear.  To add to the 'romance', a rose connector with deep blue crystal petals - also in a variety of shapes, oval, round, pear, point cut and teardrop.  *swoon* worthy.

Necklace length - 20"


NAMI BL2033-18 S$48 SOLD

NAMI is a Japanese name meaning surf or wave.  These ocean jasper triangless remind me so much of swirling waves throwing up sand from the seabed.  Measuring approx 3cm x 2cm, these beads are translucent.  I've teamed them with handcrafted artisan flowers in a lighter shade of sky blue, topped by a light opaque amethyst rondell.  Metal finishing is in Rose Gold plated.


JESSICA BL2032-18 S$110 SOLD

Fluorite and agate and a whopping large deep amethyst Czech bead.  The rainbow fluorite stones are gorgeous in person - 16mm x 8mm - showcasing bands of green, purple and clear and they are translucent with a vitreous sheen.  I've added a delightful shade of green oval agates to 'lift' the pave encrusted dragonflies on their flight.  An unusual, chunk of deep purple czech bead gives this creation an interesting dimension.  56cm/22" in total length.