HANNA BL3082-19 S$128

This is a gorgeous piece comprising matte jade carved pendant measuring approx 5cm in diameter, a cluster of tourmaline, 4mm smooth nephrite jade, carved jade flowers and natural, not dyed, 12mm lavender jade beads.


RUBY BL3081-19 S$95

I've finally completed this beauty featuring faceted red rutilated quartz 14mm round and faceted barrel agate 20mm x 12mm.  Ruby red faceted quartz nuggets, keishi petal pearls, smooth round garnet and a ruby red pave encrusted flower connector.


AVERYL BL3080-19 S$50 SOLD

Another classic pair....this pair can be worn two a plain square stud or with a pearl dangle.

Aventurine and freshwater pearl drops.

ETHEL BL3079-19 S$48 SOLD

I just completed a series of elegant, petite, classic earrings (always in style) for a Bespoke order.

This is not part of the order and is up for grabs.

Assymetrical earposts - MOP sqauare and round earstuds and freshwater pearls.  Couldn't get more classic than this.....but with a twist.


FELICIA BL3078-19 S$105 SOLD

Packed this up for mailing before I realised I had'nt taken proper photos....oh well. I think my supporters are well aware of my work and finishing and trust me enough to know that these photos are not representative of the actual necklace.


SARA BL3077-19 S$125 - SOLD

Finished this kind of late in the day so I've only managed one photo.  I've added deep green colour enhanced jade rondells and freshwater pearls to the MOP leaf connector to add an interesting twist to these gorgeous champagne pearls.



Shades of lavender....carved lavender tone jade - colour enhanced and heat treated - approx 17 x 25mm, crowned by a cascade of amethyst rondells and silver and white keishi pearls.