GRETA BL3059-19 S$95 SOLD

A combination of heat treated colour enhanced jade rondells and smooth round stones 10/12mm and 12-14mm freshwater pearl nuggets.

I've added a pave encrusted fan which gives this creation a chinoiserie vibe.

Colour of the jade is a deep emerald.


DAPHNE BL3058-19 S$65

Like Hydrangeas, these polymer clay studs feature gorgeous cornflower blue flowers against an Egyptian blue background.  Below these studs are a waterfall of rondells in various shades of blue, green and white and I've added to this, the sofest of baby pinks.

20mm x 10mm Hydro Quartz Opalite faceted rectangles dangle below like icicles. 


AGNES BL3057-19 S$90 SOLD

A lovely, cool start to our weekend out here in Singapore.

This creation comprises, pink opals in various shapes and textures, freshwater pearls, hydro quartz peridot and polymer clay beads.  The centre of attraction would have to be the icy, smooth, translucent rose quartz donut.  I've 'hooked' this up with a sterling silver pave encrusted bail and it truly becomes a head turner.


MARIE BL3056-19 S$88

Very unusual, natural agate, smooth teardrops measuring approx 20mm x 30mm, freshwater keishi pearls, a cluster of black onyx rondells and freshwater pearls and a gorgeous connector featuring pave encrusted butterflies and a pearl.  Colours are much nicer in reality....

EVE BL3055-19 S$68

Peridot tone, cushion cut, bevelled hydro quartz with a canopy of gorgeous colours mimicking a rainbow over the forest. Cushions measure approx 20mm x 20mm.


TRACIE BL3054-19 S$60

Finally found some time to upload this.

20mm, bevelled indigo tone quartz - its a gorgeous cross between purple and royal blue with a generous burst of colour - garnet, amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, green onyx, black onyx rondells....drop of 6cm. 


KAREN BL3053-19 S$70 SOLD

Gorgeousness personified!  These turquoise tone quartz faceted brios are TDF.  Exquisite 'cutting' and faceting.