YUKI BL3171-17 S$95 SOLD

Yuki, meaning happiness or snow.  This necklace embodies is a joyful piece and the lovely white flowers and the bits of white on the sodalite nuggets and flat squares look like snow on a dark blue ground.

Deep blue sodalite, flat squares measuring 16mm x 16mm and 12mm faceted nuggets, 10mm x 13mm and larger 11mm x 17mm clay nuggets are happy companions to a gorgeous pave bow connector.

p.s. - the photos suck....its raining and I dislike indoor lighting so I've taken outdoor photos in gloomy weather.  Actual colours are vibrant and contrast beautifully with the white.

NEO BL3170-17 SOLD

NEO in a local Chinese dialect means 'lady' and it's a common female name in the Peranakan culture....

I chose the name Neo, as this necklace is typical of the sulam or embroidery on the Peranakan kebayas.  Bold, vibrant and intricate, the stitches blend into one another and the flowers seem to have a life of its own.

In this creation, I've used colour enhanced agate nuggets and blended into the soothing turquoise, are polymer clay rondells in complementary colours.  This necklace is headed to a special Neo who owns several gorgeous kebaya tops.


BAO BL3169-17 S$108 SOLD

Hope everyone's had a very good day.  It's been crazy, again and now looks like its going to rain again.

Well, I spent the afternoon indoors and finished off a chinoiserie inspired necklace featuring faceted, colour enhanced flat irregular shape nuggets measuring approx. 23mm x 28 mm.  So we don't get too boring in our accessories, I've added a carved colour enhanced jade connector measuring approx 23mm x 34mm.  Flanking this gorgeous connector on either side, a flat jade rondell.  On the other side of the necklace are two carved carnellian butterflies measuring approx 1cm x 1cm separated by a natural round jade 10mm in diameter.  This would definitely add pizzazz to any outfit.


CHRISTIE BL3168-17 $120 SOLD

Photos taken with phone camera and regular camera hence some colour differences. 14mm, faceted, colour enhanced green agate, cinnabar rondells, pave encrusted butterflies connector, sterling and plated silver metal components.



Aren't these wings and petals just adorable! Gorgeous resin pieces handcrafted by an English fairy. unbelievably lightweight and each piece unique unto itself.

BUTTERFLY KISSES - $45 Approx 1-1/2" x 1" at its broadest. Topped with a handmade lampwork bead, czech glass and Gold vermil hooks. DROP: Slightly under 3"

BETTE - $35 Approx 1" x 1" Topped with a handmade lampwork glass bead and a czech glass bead.
Sterling silver ear hooks. DROP : Slightly under 3"

SHIRLEY - $35 Approx 1" x 1" Topped with a handmade lampwork glass bead and a czech glass bead.
Sterling silver ear hooks. DROP : Slightly under 2-1/2" Approx 1" x 1" Topped with a handmade lampwork glass bead and pretty flower earstuds


CLARE BL-3167-17 S$70 SOLD

 Carved, heart shape Jasper and a little chorous of carnellian, jade, green amethyst and peridot  gemmiea. Drop of 2.5"/6cm



Isn't this jusy peachy....13 x 15 elongated oval milky orange shell pearls and 12mm freahwater pearls. Highlight of course is the pave encrusted tree. 22"/56cm