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ATHENA was a deity of diverse functions and attributes. Her most conspicuous role was perhaps that of a goddess of war, the female counterpart of Ares. However, she was also a goddess of peace, noted for her compassion and generosity. Unlike Greek mythology, my creation is more down to earth. I would like it to represent positive attributes - love, peace, compassion, forgiveness. This 25" necklace consists of beautifully smooth carnellian, tiny red tiger eye, jasper and an agate donut.

CARNELLIAN: - Protects against fear, envy and rage, and helps to banish sorrow from the emotional structure. The message of carnelian is that since one "is" love, there is nothing to do but to offer the love - each offering of love bringing an exponential increase in the quantity of love returned.

In other words - PERFECT for the completion of this creation to promote and radiate love.

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