I'm actually too embarassed to post more pictures of food. After almost the whole afternoon out I only managed to complete 2 pairs of earrings this evening by the time the kids came home and we managed today to get both of them at home at the same time and we decided on an early dinner so we could eat together as a family and they could go off and do whatever it is they wanted to after dinner. As our son is doing his National Service and our daughter works, we only get to see them at dinner time=even then not on a daily basis and that makes dinner a special time for the family when we are all able to eat together. We usually eat out at times like this so that they won't be distracted by the TV or phonecalls and we can have proper quality family time. We decided on steamboat as it needs the involvement of everybody at the table. This is one of our favourite steamboat restaurants. COCOA at International Building.

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