Cornucopia is the horn of plenty. This cloisonne bead cap kind of reminds me of a horn so I thought up of a design that would allow me to use the word CORNUCOPIA. Well, this horn of mine is a horn of plenty - overflowing with 'gems' instead of the fruits/flowers usually seen in paintings/sculptures. This horn is surrounded by pearls, cat's eye glass beads and it encases a beautiful czech glass briolette which is an amazing blue/green shade. I'm sure there's one word to describe this colour but for some reason it's not coming to me. Anyway, it all hangs from a chain which gives it a total drop of 3-3/4"


S said...

What a brilliant pair of earrings.. I'm imagining them in a pair. Hehehe.

Sharon said...

Wow, love the colours! So bright and pretty! Well done again Bel! Have a great weekend!