ZOE S$60

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My favourite mineral - JASPER. There are a couple of different grains of jasper used here - autumn and ocean. Even the square bi which is an African Turquoise belongs to the Jasper family. Simple arrangement with a long drop center piece. Pewter flowers add a little gold glam.


Jessica Moreau Berry said...

Hi Belinda! I have been busy, busy and have not had much of a chance to play in computer land! I am ultra in love with "Lovinia"! One of these days I'm going to grab a piece before it's SOLD!!! LOL

Hope you are having a beautiful summer...wait! IS it summer there??

S said...

Hehe, my fave is Jasper too =) And apparently, it's one of my birthstones.

It's been some time since I'm commented (and blogged!!) Coz I've just got a job and I've been so busy and tired.. Working has not always been easy. I've spent abt 8.5 hours straight glaring at the computer, reading figures!!

This piece has a really nice touch by the way.. Jaspers are fab =)

Belinda Lee said...

Hi Jes!

We have Summer all year round - with intermittent rain. We're in the tropics so its hot and humid but when its the rainy season temperatures do drop but nowhere near what you have in the States. You're up North so your temperatures are really cold ;p We wouldn't mind a little of that. It does get quite hot in the afternoons. ;p

Belinda Lee said...

Hi Shuilin,

Congratulations on the new job! No job is easy I guess and adjusting to a new environment is even tougher but it gets better I'm sure. Don't forget to rest the eyes ;p

I love working with jaspers - this mineral has lots of character.