Last night I returned from
an educational and awesome
trip. A trip where I lived with
the family of my friend and
host - Eva. I experienced and
participated in a tradition
steeped in culture. Perhaps
the best known fact about the
Minangkabau is their matrilineal
cultural tradition.

The Minangkabau are, in fact,
the world's largest matrilineal
group. In this tradition, the family
name is not passed down from the
father to his children, as it is in most
cultures. Instead, the family
name is inherited from the
mother. Furthermore, inheritance
continues through the generations
from mother to daughter. This is
especially true of the ancestral home,
which remains the property of the
Minangkabau women.
Due to their matrilineal culture,
Minangkabau women play an
important role in the leadership
and decision-making process of
the traditional village government.
I will share some of my experiences
thru' a photo journal. Posted by Picasa

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