Opaque tensha bead is the centerpiece in a drop style and is held up by 14k gold rings, opaque white and amber czech glass beads.

White glass beads are definitely whiter and more transluscent than this night time photo.


S said...

Dear Bel!!

I'm so so so so so happy to receive Karla and she's got another admirer the minute I opened the package - my brother's tuition teacher! Hahaha!

Btw, did you make those little flowers? It's really adorable and my mother stuck in my bun the minute she got her hands on it. It's now my hair ornament =)))

Belinda Lee said...

Hi Shuilin,

Thank you for appreciating my work. Thats the best testimony to the effort I've put in for every piece I make.

I wish I could say "Yes" I made those flowers, but, NO ;(
However, I did make the effort to seek them out on my last trip to BKK and bought them specifically for my packaging. So glad you've found another use for it! Enjoy your weekend and the flowers in your hair ;D