A few months ago I did a piece called NIKITTA - July 2006. The beads used were a seed of some sort . I have now managed to get my hands on the same shape of beads except these are glass. This version is a white choker style necklace with a single black bead just to be different. Can also be done in full black, full white or black with a single white bead.

Length of this necklace is 17.5" which is slightly longer than the usual choker length.


@pril said...

hi! may i know how long is this choker, may prefer it to be just slightly longer for comfort sake. :-)


Belinda Lee said...

Hi april!

It isn't your usual short choker but slightly below that. Check out NIKITTA and there's a photo of that necklace as it is worn and this sits exactly the same position.