ORIGAMI S$40 sold

I was out of action for a large part of today. This morning a small honey bee flew in and hovered around the dining room lamp and then dropped to the floor in a tizzy and lay there for a bit until i decided to use my foot to slowly push it into the kitchen where I could pick it up with a kitchen towel and then throw it into the bin. However, only I am capable of this I think, I managed to get the little gadgematic that stings you and then gets disconnected from the insects body stuck under my big toe! I have never been stung by a bee so the sudden intense pain much like a hot needle being pierced into my toe made me a little hysterical ;p I was hopping around yelling - ouch, ouch, ouch and my domestic helper just stood grinning and then told me to sit whilst she pulled out the stinger and then she applied vinegar to the spot. It took a good 5 minutes for the searing pain to subside and then it swelled slightly during the day but something in that stinger knocked me out for a couple of hours. I don't mean like unconscious but I just went to sleeeeeeeeeppppppp till 5.30 pm ;D Toe's better, I'm a little 'not happy' for wasting so many hours but still managed to complete this necklace in the 2 hours since I've been awake. A KAMOE-CLAY original pendant, I've teamed it with sage, black and red to go with the colours of her creation. I have received no sympathy from the family. They're all laughing at me for being such a klutz! Well, now I know ;(

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