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A couple of weeks ago I received an email request from someone requesting some information on some beads that I had used. In her email she also mentioned that she would understand if I chose not to respond.
I did respond and she managed to find the place and then last week she dropped me another email requesting my address. Today, I came home to a parcel sent by mail and in it were 2 packets of beads - one containing these 2 butterflies and another with faceted cat eye beads! Isn't that just so sweet! When you do someone a favour you do it without expecting anything in return. This is a bonus!
I've used her butterflies and turned them into a pair of pretty earrings. Swarovski pearls and czech glass beads dangle from silver chains. Topping the creation is a quartz bead in matching tone. Thank you Wan!

I might as well take this opportunity to thank another very very sweet young lady called Liah! She is my 'tea' fairy. She has access to exotic teas - green tea with ginger and gingo, Women's supplement organic tea, white tea, orange flavoured tea! You name it I've probably tried it! Thank you Liah!, Thank you Wan ;p

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