YVONNE S$35 sold

My buddy Yvonne from Perth just called me to chat whilst I was finishing off this piece so I thought it apt to name my creation after her.

I so love this combo. Peach rose from Japan, czech glass beads and olive faceted briolette. Only one pair available.


Belinda Lee said...

Thanks Mandy!

Ellen Wong said...

Hi Beliinda, such a pretty piece!
i saw it, wanted it and realised its sold =( love the flowers.. how's your toe? pls be careful! bee allergies can be very severe. my boyfriend suffered from hives for a few days and had to be hospitalized for a night.

Belinda Lee said...

Hi Ellen,

Toe's better but I still feel kind of lousy. I guess it'll take a few days for the allergen to clear out of the system.
This is a pretty piece. Lucky girl sms'd me early in the evening and beat others to it ;p
Take care Ellen and good luck for the rest of your time at Cornell.