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Sunny Singapore shrouded in smoke haze!!! This is what we, on the tiny island of Singapore have been dealing with for the last few weeks. Instead of sun shiny days and clear skies, most of our skyline gets obliterated by thick haze. Each year, at around the same time, we have to endure weeks and weeks of smoke filled air. Our neighbours in Indonesia adopt an easy 'slash and burn' method whilst clearing their land to prep it for the next crop. Rather than use excavators, they use a cheaper, more hazardous to the environment and to living things method - a box of matches! We can only pray for rain. Simplistic but there seems to be no other form of reprieve. The landowners - some of whom may be Singaporeans and Malaysians - are not being sufficiently penalised and so we just have to go about our not so merry way and make like nothings wrong!

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