Late in the evening, the serenity and peace of the day was shattered by a shrill, hysterical voice screaming something quite incoherent. My husband played golf early in the morning and pulled his calf muscle whilst doing a small jump from high ground to a slightly lower level. I immediately thought that something must have happened to him or his leg to make the housemaid go hysterical. As she hyperventilated I went into panic mode and literally jumped two steps at a time to get to the source of this hysteria.

By that time of course, Mr Cool (not like, cool cool but rather like "huh? whats 'appening" cool) had emerged from the study and gone to check out what had happenned to the maid. I wish I had stayed upstairs! Mr Cool was suddenly like - "get the camera", "don't frighten it" - huh???? don't frighten "IT" Geeeezzzzz what about me and the maid - who's going to say to us "don't be afraid"! Anyway, I was not going anywhere near this HUGGGGEEEE lizard. Obviously harmless to us but it was just too much to see an iguana in a non-jungle environment. It had rained quite heavily earlier in the day and obviously the rain waters must have flushed Ivan out of his hidey hole! Mr Cool managed to lure Ivan out of the garden whilst I had to placate Buddy who was not happy that the unannounced visitor was getting more attention than himself.

Anyway, after a couple of pics were taken, Ivan was unceremoniously led out of the front gate by Cool and his gang (just Ms Hysterics, I remained indoors with Buddy), Ivan decided to do an about turn and ran back into the side garden!

No way am I going to be doing any pruning or prancing in the garden till we find out where Ivan does his sunbathing!

See, who said my life is boring! *-*

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