Today has been a very loooonnnnggg day. For the first time in a long while, we manged to have lunch with our daughter. We had Korean food at a restaurant in Mosque Street at Tanjong Pagar. After lunch, we went for a mani/pedi (just Charlene and me) and then this evening my husband and I attended the wedding dinner of our friend's son. Today must be an auspicious day for weddings - there were 3 wedding banquets at the Grand Hyatt. Our friend hosted his son's wedding dinner in the ballroom and they had 800 guests !!!! 80 tables to be exact and a 5 piece band. Good food, good wine, good music and great company.

The glow of the beautiful bride made me want to come home and do up a pair of earrings that would remind me of the lovely bride, flushed and glowing with happiness. I decided on an all pink creation. Soft and innocent yet lush and sexy. Are all those adjectives possible in one person, one creation. I think so!

This creation follows closely behind her beautiful sister English Rose. I promised those who were disappointed at not getting their hands on ENGLISH ROSE fast enough that I would be doing more earrings with semi-precious stone roses. Whilst she looks exceptionally demure in this photo, RAMBLING ROSE is actually quite a stunner! Beautiful pink freshwater pearls, rose quartz carved rose and blush faceted briolettes. This photo has been taken under white light so I can't really show off this beauty. I will take another shot in the morning light just to prove that this is truly a beauty.


rachel said...

hi bel! this is so pretty! cant wait to see the "morning picture"

Belinda Lee said...

Hi Rachel!

You're still awake? ;p

I will have to re-do this because it is difficult to control the lighting since the briolettes are transluscent whilst the roses and the pearls are opaque and as we all know I was expelled from 'photo taking' school! :D

Kamoe said...

Once my daughter get married I truly know where to go for some bridal jewels. Gorgous Belinda!

Anonymous said...

wow! you sure do blog real fast! i was at the wedding too! Edwin's my mom's cousin =) i wanted to say hi aunt bel! but thought it might be awkward.. i love your earrings!

Ellen Wong said...

hehe maybe you can lay your jewellery on a piece of fabric or material which will enhance the colours you used =) its a bit like finding the colour complement on a colour wheel
but i find when you used to hang your earrings in your garden among the leaves, it always looked great. the colours always show up really well.
just my 2 cents of opinion =)

Belinda Lee said...

Karin! You're too kind. I'm sure Laura would love to wear something created by you too but I would be real happy to do something for her when the time comes ;p

Sher! What a small world.....My husband and Edwin's dad were in the same company during their officer cadet days and have maintained their friendship since then! I would really have loved to meet you. Not awkward at all ;p

Belinda Lee said...

Hi Ellen,

Thanks for the suggestion. Part of the problem is that I'm too impatient when it comes to photo taking. I just love creating the pieces and have little patience with taking photos of the jewellery. When I'm in the mood and on a nice day without haze (you're so lucky to be away from Singapore at this moment)I do venture outdoors to take 'better' pictures. ;p