Beads, cords, wire, silver.................
Believe it or not the big time spenders where silver is concerned, are the Eastern Europeans and those from the Middle East. The buyers are usually men with huge suitcases. I feel like the country cousin trying to maximise my 1 kg minimum by mixing every conceivable bead or fastener that I can find. You won't believe it but if you put in the earwires and spacer beads you can make up more than 600 gms........add in some other round beads/stoppers/jump/split rings and your kilo has been met........About 25baht/ go figure how much has to be sunk!

Oops! Have to quickly add this as I've already received requests. I'm not selling my beads or silver ;p I'm sure I'll use all of it. Thanks for asking though.


fuchsiacow said...

wow. did some major shopping!! =) looking forward to your new creations with them.

Belinda Lee said...

Tks for stopping by. I'm still sruggling with the unpacking and finding space for all my stuff. Getting there........ ;D