Christmas is around the corner but in Singapore, our streets have been decorated and lit up, stores have been decorated for Christmas from a couple of weeks back and I have started to bring things out of storage to start on 'dressing' up the home for the season. In this huge box lies a 9 ft tall christmas tree. I don't put a real tree in the house but do put one up in my porch. This tree which still lies in the box, will be set up after we return from our holiday. I think I've just hit the 'panic' button. Whilst uploading the christmas in Singapore set of photos I realise I've a zillion things to do - order my meats to make my ham (I am very proud of the fact that I make my honey baked ham from scratch - meaning I buy the meat, cook it, glaze it myself. Of course I had an excellent teacher - Mr Edward Rogers of Perth Australia who is a master chef in his own rights and makes the most delectable roasts and his signature honey baked ham! After so many years of doing it, its nothing like the store bought ham. Its succulent, moist with a beautiful glaze...........geeeezzz don't I sound awful!), order my turkey - also cooked at home, meat to make the artery clogging 'crackle' , chicken, sausages and meat that will go into the homemade pies and of course 'devil' curry which is a traditional Eurasian Christmas dish and something that 'regulars' to our home look forward to and the gazillion spices and gadgematics that will go into the prep of the Christmas lunch which stretches from 12 noon throughout the day and into the night!

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