Hi Everyone, especially my 'new visitors'. I am overwhelmed by the response I've received to yesterday's article. I am most appreciative of all the enquiries I have received. I multi task and in the process sometimes I might be tardy in responding to your emails. Please bear with me. My passion is in creating jewellery that can be appreciated by everyone who visits my blog. Responding to my mail is incidental but it does take up a lot of my time and cuts back on my creations. I also have an obligation to my loyal supporters and have tonnes of their work to complete before Christmas. Bottom line is, I will get back to you but maybe not as efficiently as I would have done 2 days ago. Your understanding is most appreciated.

I would also like to thank all the other crafters who have written to me requesting a link. I've said this before and I will have to repeat it - I have only 2 local blog links and they're there for a special reason. I cannot please everyone so I refrain from linking any other local site. Please accept my apologies for not being able to do so.

Bottom line is, my passion is in creating jewellery. Bear with me till I finish off all my current orders and hopefully I have enough creative energy left to do new work to post online. I will then be able to sit and answer each and every email enquiry.

Thank you everybody, especially my long time supporters. *Deep bow* to all of you. I am here on account of all of you and I am indebted to your support ;D


Ellen Wong said...

Hello Belinda,
i saw ur article! CONGRATS! =) u really deserve the recognition hehe.. it was a good shot

Belinda Lee said...

Hi Ellen,

Thank you! Yes it was a good shot ;p

audrey` said...

Hi Belinda

You're a very creative person.
Well done! =)

Belinda Lee said...

Thank you Audrey. Appreciate your stopping by ;p