HOPE now belongs to someone who gave me
strength and hope today. Thank you GGH ;D

Today, as some of you know, was a particulary stressful day for our family. Early this morning my sister and I checked our Mum into hospital for a scheduled surgical procedure involving the heart. The most stressful part was the waiting. However, with the grace of God, prayers and good wishes of many of our friends and relatives, everything turned out well. We left the hospital with a sense of relief and where there is love there is hope.

After dinner and a refreshing shower, I decided on something fresh and cheerful and which would evoke the spirit of hope and new beginnings. I think this piece (of course the real thing looks much better than this photo) represents just how I feel now! Full of hope ;p

Turquoise howlite elongated nuggets with antique gold finish spacers and turquoise and gold polymer clay beads.
I will retake a morning shot because the lighting isn't showing this up well.

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