I have been flat out these last couple of days because of heavy antibiotics which I've been prescribed due to a bad case of sinusitis. In spite of that, I've tried to carry on with my usual stuff and of course my beading. Nothing can keep me away from this. I needed a shot in the arm to wake me from my antibiotic induced stupor. These polymer clay lentils sure did the trick.
This creation is a crisp cool number. Beautiful lentils with shades of blue and stardust which I have been informed by the very talented Karin who is the crafter of these beads, is art foil. These are another in my 'limited edition' series so its a one off and no repeats are possible. I will be doing up a pair of earrings though. Very glam, in my humble opinion of course


Sharon said...

Hey Bel, Do take care of yourself! As much as I love to see lovelies on your webbie everyday, if you need to rest, you better do so!

Belinda Lee said...

Yes ma'am! Thanks girl.