My first creation after Christmas so I've kept to the spirit of the season by creating something akin to angels. Flat, faceted opalite quartz, swarovski crystals and a pretty aventurine rose.

Christmas Day is over, we had a wonderful time with a house full of friends and relatives. I will post those photos later as they were taken with another camera and I have to wait for Glenn to upload the photos. Some of you were aware of another surgical procedure that my mum underwent yesterday - angioplasty. Thank you for your prayers and kind wishes. She is very well and back home. She just needed to check in yesterday, after which they prepped her and by 3.30 pm she was in the theatre and back in her room by 5.30. It was an agonising 2 hours for the family as we waited. Everything went well and she was well enough to be discharged this afternoon. We have a lot to be thankful for.

This has been another traumatic and tragic Christmas for some. Earthquakes and a mini tsunami caused tragedy in Taiwan. Just spare a moment to dwell on the personal tragedies of those less fortunate than ourselves.

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