SOLD to a wonderful person who has bought many, many pieces as gifts for people who have touched her life in one way or another. Each piece she picks, she has given much thought to the person she is giving it to. Her friends/contacts are truly blessed to have her in their lives. Thank you GH and thank you YL for sharing my site with her.

It's been raining overnight in the part of Singapore where I live and I wanted something cheerful to post. This is truly festive and cheerful but I can't get the setting right. As usual the polymer clay beads are a wonderful fusion of colour - burgundy, coral pink, turquoise, black, gold - and I've tried to incorporate all the colours into this one necklace. The large nuggets are actually beautiful faceted smokey quartz and the diamond shaped faceted beads are black onyx. In between the beads are gold, turquoise and coral coloured beads. A pale representation of the wonderful kaleidoscope of colours.

I'm propably going to spend the rest of the day finishing off my shopping, putting the finishing touches to the pieces I will be mailing off and then if and only IF I am not flat out by this evening, I might decide on something new but based on my current schedule this might just be it for the Season!

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