Just a little bit of exciting news

Yesterday evening I received a call from a TV journalist from one of our local TV channels, inviting me to appear on a sort of talk show. I don't watch TV on a regular basis (don't have the time!) and I listened to what she was saying and was a little overwhelmed but excited that I was being invited. She is an eloquent and persuasive journalist and I told her I'd discuss it with my husband ...... I haven't told her yet and I hope she reads this before I call her up, that I have to politely decline. I appreciate the fact that the producer thinks my 'persona' is interesting enough to be a factor on the programme but this 'persona' is too 'shy' to appear on national TV even though its not a feature about me but rather something about what I do and the medium through which I showcase my work that is relevant to the programme.

Thank you very much Sharon and Lin, I appreciate it .......... see how powerful this blog is. I can communicate with you without having to 'communicate'.

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