I spent the entire day trying to finish off my christmas gift shopping. Every shop I entered, I had to focus and tell myself "no beads here, no beads here, focus, focus"! I did achieve quite a bit but still more to go. Anyway, I'm quite pleased with my progress but when I got home I had to take a shower, and a hot cup of tea and then I realised I was suffering 'withdrawl symptoms'...........hehehehe! hence this piece which in reality look like almost ripe rosy pink apples but here they look like apples that have fallen off the tree. Trust me they don't look as 'lifeless' as this photo!

These matte finish jasper beads are of the softest shades of pink,cream and green but of course with my superb photography they look green. An oval jasper pendant with similar colour tones add just a hint of strong colour to this very soft creation.

It is pretty obvious how bad the photo is because the gold spacers and wirework does not even show up.

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