My box of treasure all the way from Germany..........BIG BOX!

From my German friend!
For those of you who know I was invited to a talk show on one of Singapore's national TV channels you might now understand why I politely declined. Someone told me its an opportunity that someone else might have jumped at. I agree but I don't need so much publicity. I treasure my time and the friends I can interact with during my free time. That to me is worth more than being seen on national TV. Some might disagree but to each his/her own. For me, I am grateful for being so blessed and for the opportunity to put into reality my creativity and to be able to interact with so many wonderful friends that I've met online. Salut!

Kudos too, to the wonderful people at Singpost who made the special effort to repack in a sturdy plastic wrapper, this box which was damaged during transit. Thank You if anyone of you girls/boys in turquoise and blue read this!

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