I have been 'out of commission' for a short period - not creating as many as I'd like to but I've been spending quality time with really good friends. Today I had all 3 friends from Perth over at my home for breakfast before we drove them to the Tanah Merah ferry terminal to catch the catamaran for Bintan. I truly hope they enjoy their spa holiday and spend quality time together.

I am working on some backlog orders and whilst making up a bracelet which was ordered from my archives, I came across these beads and roses. As usual, the ever attentive me got distracted and this creation is the result. All findings in 925 silver - earwires, pins and bead caps.

I've completed much of my backlog and I am truly tired from staying up till 2 am or 3am every night the last week .......... and then waking at 6 am.........tonight I just have to jump into bed before midnight. My eyes are growing h e a vvvvv y .............. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Nitey Nite!

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