The past week has been fun but tiring for me, my husband, my family and my sister and her family. We have been meeting up with our 3 friends from Perth and thru' them we've made contact with our schoolmates whom we have'nt seen for at least 30 years. Whilst its been fun, its been of course tiring, juggling family life with 'fun'. My husband has been excellent in his support, taking time off work and his own activities - driving us here, there and everywhere. My sister too has had to do a fair amount of 'ferrying'. Anyway, the girls are very appreciative. They also have other friends who have chipped in and thats been a big bonus for us too.

All of them leave at different times tomorrow/Thursday so, whilst we will miss them and the fun times, 'normality' will return to our lives and I promise to respond to any emails that I have left unopened. Today, I still managed to 'create' a pair of earrings inspite of minimal sleep. I think, I'm just trying to illustrate a point - with good planning, anything and everything can be achieved :D Thats what friends are for!

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