The Chinese believe that it is essential to include paintings of fish in the home decor to bring good fortune into the home. The fishes depicted in these Chinese paintings are usually of carps or goldfish, so symbolic of the Chinese culture. That fish features so much a part of Chinese geomancy is no accident. Fish is as much a part of water (Shui), as is the bird of the wind (Feng).

The Chinese word for fish sounds very much like the word for surplus. Thus, to give fishes as gifts also carried with it the blessing of continued wealth and bounty for years to come.
The keeping of Goldfish is believed to bring good luck.

JADE - jade has always had a very special significance to the Chinese, roughly comparable with that of gold and diamonds in the West

For the Lunar New Year, I've created this really cute and precious pair of earrings which not only feature goldfish but also the much revered stone - Jade.

Small jade goldfish topped by beautiful jade beads dangle from a chain attached to a goldfilled earwire.

Colours are definitely better in reality.

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