This is a case of "Enough is never enough"

Trust me, during Christmas, jolly St Nick and his band of happy helpers work in a bigger mess than mine. By the way, if you're looking for me I'm there, sitting at my table ....... yes, yes, thats me between the box with the blue beads and the container with the gold wire. But, isn't it the most wonderful spot to be in.
Each night before I stop my beading I'll make a furtive attempt to tidy up the table, push back the racks, organise the boxes, put in the lists but by 7.30 am the following morning things are like you see in the photos here. Isn't that such fun! I've 'banned' my maid from doing any rearranging. She has a filing system that would truly make the FBI or CIA want to employ her.......... blue beads would be in the drawer.......why? why? why? - "I notice you seldom use blue". Thats it. One less area for her to tidy up.

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