A little mid day trivia for an otherwise boring Sunday!
Whilst dressing for lunch I decided to wear this top which I found in a nice knot - like how you store clothing made of fabric that shouldn't be ironed. Well this isn't one of those fabrics. Anyway, I thought it looked pretty good with the 'pleats' that had set in. When I put it on I realised why it was hidden away and rolled into a knot! It had shrunk beyond recognition. What used to reach midway between my waist and hips was now hanging like those cropped fitting T's except in this case it isn't cropped nor hugging! I let out a shriek. My domestic helper who was with a little watering can dousing the plants on the balcony came to the door of my room with a look of amusement on her face. She was so not trying to hide her amusement. Fat. That was the one word that she uttered. "What?" This blouse has shrunk! "No madame, I think you put on weight!" At this point I was more embarassed than angry. I just shut the room door on her. I've put on a sage camisole which I think goes pretty well with the top which incidentally my Mum gave to me. She bought this top in Australia so that made me more angry. Anyway, I've now got a new 'layered' outfit, kind courtesy of Anis my personal fashion consultant! Should I just laugh it off??? I was on the verge of tears initially but after looking at the photo I think I'll let it go!

Oops....forgot to mention - I have several more 'new' pieces of clothing stored in the same way - 2 skirts and a couple of tops. Not in the mood to play 'dress up' so I'll leave it for another boring day.


imp said...

heh. these fabrics usually shrink! it's not you. layering's the fashion now anyway. and frm this photo, you look great!

Belinda Lee said...

Thanks Imp. I actually wore it out. No one was the wiser ;D

Sharon said...

Hey Bel, outfit looks great! The lacy bit looks really nice!

Belinda Lee said...

Thanks Sharon,

Those who saw me wearing it also feel that it looks as if it was made that way ;D

Well......the fashion police didn't get me so now I have to appoint Anis as my personal dresser (not!!!)

Ellen Wong said...

haha i didn't think there were two separate pieces from looking at the picture until I read your entry. I'm jealous. I cannot carry off layering at all! Your mum is funky! Lace camisoles are the rage.

Belinda Lee said...

Yup she is! Good fashion sense ;p

btw - has your parcel arrived?