DARLENE #ER03/07 - 152 S$36 SOLD

I'm sure many of you in my part of the world, Singapore, felt tremors just before noon today. Today my daughter really displayed that she has her father's character when she sent me a text message asking me for our location. When I asked her why she proceeds to mention that her whole building is being evacuated (her office is on the 32nd storey) becuase they felt tremors and the building was swaying! My reaction ? - I immediately called her and I hear a lot of ruckus in the background and I ask her where she is and she says very calmly "waiting for the lift". What? Are you crazy?? Her answer to me -" if here's to be a real disaster I'll die anyway if you make me walk down 32 storeys so the lift is definitely not going to be more dangerous" I am already hyperventilating and she tells me don't worry, Singapore's buildings are built to withstand some swaying. Anyway, she finally gets to the ground floor and calls to say she's out of the building and the entire street is filled with people being evacuated from their buildings. I then ask if she'd like us to pick her up and her response "Sure, why not? and whilst you're about it how about we take a 3 month vacation whilst they check the building for cracks".

Anyway, we get home fast and then she calls to say they're done with lunch (she joked that even in a crisis situation Singaporeans are discussing where and what they should eat) and everyone's back in the building. She just sent another message saying they're feeling the tremors again. Again I call and say "come home" and she replies - "Mum, I have work to do and I've scheduled my meeting at Starbucks downstairs". End of story. She has no time for the bits and bobs that I'd be interested in.

So I decided that I need to do something to show that I too can be cool and collected (yeah right!) This creation should show that pretty well. Milky green 'dimpled' czech glass ovals, pearly white lampwork beads, matching small beads for each side. I love the colours. Spot the difference?

btw - nothing exciting happenned to us. We felt nothing. Not even a hiccup and I think the earthquake measured 6.1 on the Richter scale

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Ange said...

Hi Belle, I felt the quake too! Quite an experience but it lasted only a few secs!