TOWER OF POWER - Mosaic music festival

I just spent a most enjoyable 1-1/2 hours at the Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay!

I'm not much into jazz so when my daughter said she had tickets - very good seats she promised - I still wasn't convinced. Glenn had another engagement so, after some persuasion I decided, why not! My goodness, I am so glad I listened to her. Now Glenn wishes he had gone to the concert instead.

In collaboration with Montreux Jazz Festival, we got to see Tower of Power This is a group comprising 10 men, with horns (saxophones, trumpets,flugelhorns), a drum, guitar,keyboard, vocalists, and they played my kind of music. I would put it down to Soul or R & B. Not particularly jazzy jazz. They were fantastic, absolutely worth every moment I spent away from my beads. What was even more amazing was the crowd present. When the lead singer Larry Braggs invited "Singaporeans get up and party", thats exactly what everybody did. To be fair, 80% of the audience around us - we were 8th row from the stage - didn't look like they were Singaporeans but their spontaneity was truly infectious. Everybody was out of their seats from the word "go" and only for some numbers did we sit and that would be just for a while before everybody was up on their feet again. Great, great music. Actually it would be difficult to pinpoint their brand of music. Funky, R&B, Soul music! I found the acoustics of the theatre equally fantastic. Whilst we enjoyed the music, my husband 'killed' time in a fishing tackle shop along Beach Road. He discovered a few new restaurants that he found people flocking to and after he picked us up at the end of the show we had dinner at his 'new discovery'. I don't think I'll be uploading anything new tonight. Good Night everybody.............

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