After last night's outing I thought I'd sleep in a little but at 8 am I hear a little snigger, not a loud sound but a small intrusion into my deep sleep. Wearily I open my eyes and I see my husband in his fishing 'uniform' smiling widely and saying "big one". "Huh........." I'm thinking ok, right, can I go back to sleep and he senses that and says "can you come and take a photo"...........Can I say "NO". I don't think so. I grab my camera, still in my night clothes and make my way downstairs Eyes blurry with sleep I watch as he starts to unwrap the fish which he has wrapped in newspaper. He has devised quite a neat method of wrapping and tying up his catch because he's got to hitch it onto his bike and ride for about 15 minutes before reaching the car. Anyway, my eyes widen and all sleep is wiped away (but dang! I have this terrible headache) because this morning what he's caught is not another barracuda but the prized barramundi or sea bass which he has been eyeing for days on end. Buddy obviously smells something 'fishiy' is going on and is playing sleuth and sniffing around.

Fresh fish, chips and salad! Our lunch menu is settled.

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imp said...

as fresh a catch as it can be!!