Almost every evening my husband will hook his bicycle to the back of the car, pack his fishing gear and go off for about 3 hours. He will park his car, take his bike down, strap on his backpack and cycle to the edge of the water and cast his line and relax and while the evening away. On 2 previous occassions he has brought home a barracuda 2x the size of the ones he is now holding, and a barramundi (sea bass) about the length of his arm. Each evening he will have his "the one that got away" story to entertain us. Unfortunately when he caught the previous 2 very large fish I was not at home and when I got back I could only see photos as the maid had already cleaned up the fish and cut them into steaks and 3/4 of the fish had been given away.
Today, when he reached home, I heard the happy honk of his horn and knew that today one "didn't get away". For the very, very large barramundi that got away yesterday, 2 barracudas did not get away today. We all can't believe that all this is being caught in Singapore waters. I'm no expert on marine life and what does swim or does not swim in our warm sea waters but I always thought we just had these iddy biddy fish that you put in a tank and admire! Well, perfect for Good Friday, we'll have fish and chips, fish steak, grilled fish, baked fish........hmmmm.....anyone wanna come over and join us ;D

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