Tonight we met up with a business associate of my husband who also happens to be a dear friend. Hans is a German but he and his wife now live in a beautiful part of Switzerland close to the Italian border. It was great catching up with him and I told him about my other dear friend from Germany - Karin and he was able to tell me so much about her hometown and has invited us for the umpteenth time to go visit him in Switzerland. My husband has been to his home and stayed over and Han's and his wife have invited us many times. He's told me I can take an internal flight and fly to Dortmund which is just next to Karin's town ;D Look out Karin, before you come over for fish and chips I might be in your town. Don't worry, I'll give plenty of notice.

btw - these 2 photos were taken by the waiter at the restaurant IndoChine that we took Hans to. It's definitely not my camera because I took one of my husband and Han's and its nice and clear.

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