AILEEN (ER 06/07 - 492) S$50 SOLD

I've been trying like for ages to make Aileen look good but the photo still sucks. These little flowers atop the moonstone rock are actually quite dainty in reality but I've had to do a close up just to capture the light refraction and even then I've failed to capture the luminescence of the beautifully smooth translucent pink tourmaline rondells or the little moonstone nugget.
All accents are SS

Inspirational pair =D


Jessica Moreau Berry said...

Photographing jelwery can be a toughie!

These are so pretty! Pink tourmaline is my favorite...I have it in my wedding ring!

Hope you are well!!


Belinda Lee said...

Thank you Jes. I'm doing good. You too I'm sure =D
I love pink tourmaline too, especially the ones I've used here because they're translucent. Must be a real pretty wedding band with the tourmaline set in them ;))