JACINTA (NL 06/07-567) S$68 SOLD

I have had a few requests to please do some necklaces because I seem to be doing only earrings. *bows* Humble apologies. This is a combo of 2 different shapes of serpentine stones,polymer clay beads, separated by round silver beads, a large hilltribe silver bead sits in the centre of this creation which measrues approx 22"


msbelle said...

Here is the necklace I just fell in love with on Flickr!

I'm glad I found you here on Blogspot. I'll be visiting you again! I'll add you to my blogroll so others can find you too!


Belinda Lee said...

Thank you so much Ginger. I'm also really glad to hear that Kevin's foot has been attended to. I'm sure tha antibiotics will clear up the infection and he'll be back up and running around again.