LEMON LIME (ER06/07-497) S$45 SOLD

Subtle yet piquant. Finely faceted lemon quartz briolettes and faceted peridot rounds. Imagine this in a chilled glass - lemon, lime and bitters =D
All accents are 14k goldfilled, still sourcing for a supplier of 14k gold - not plated, not filled, just gold ;p

ps - exciting day..... off to a private sale of gemstones from India........


Simone said...

Hi Belinda! Real gold accents are hard to come by, but I found a source online. Not cheap though -- ear hooks are anything from US$11+ a pair for really simple ear hooks (if you can even call it that) to US$80+ a pair for a decent looking pair.

If you find a cheaper source, I would like to know too please? :D I'm getting fedup of these dept store people trying to pass off their gold-plated and gold-fill stuff for real gold. It's not the same thing, people!!

Gold-fill is almost as good as gold, and often lasts as long, but it cannot be called "gold" the same way the real thing can. Calling gold-fill gold is like saying cubic zirconia = diamonds.

sorry, will get off the soapbox now. This is one of my pet peeves :D

Belinda Lee said...

Thanks Simone. I have found a couple of sources too and prices are like what you've mentioned. I know what you mean about the goldplated and goldfilled material. Gold fill is my material of choice at the moment but I make sure the buyer knows what she/he's paying for.

Wan said...

Yeah, I saw those prices of solid gold online too and nearly flipped off my chair. LOL. But that's the real deal! *swoons* :P

No pictures of your "loot"? Heehee. :P I love looking at pictures of gems, even if I can't buy or afford them. I get excited just looking at them on pictures. LOL. My sister calls me hopeless.

Btw, congrats on the coverage in the Msia newspaper!!! Did you manage to get a copy? I wonder if my friend did. If you didn't have it and she does, I can scan it for you. :)


Belinda Lee said...

Hi Wan,

The price vs goldfill is ridiculously high but then again its the real stuff. Hee Hee..... I heard about the chance meeting at the bead place and we figured you're also fascinated by gems.

Hahaha....haven't gotten down to taking phots of my stash yet. My husband doesn't know how much I've spent - yet!

I would love to see the article in the malaysian papers and if you could get me a copy I'd really appreciate it. I tried yesterday after I got the email but wasn't successful.

Thanks a lot Wan. Really appreciate this =D