LINDY (ER06/07 - 516) S$55 SOLD

It's times like this that I just wish I were a better photographer. I could kick myself for waiting till dark to take this photo *sigh* I'll have to redo this for sure.These are exquisite facetted moonstone briolettes. Untouched by me or the vendor. Light refraction is excellent. I have been sitting and admiring my new stash of gemstones the entire evening. I even declined going out for dinner and cooked dinner so I could start 'playing with my new stones this evening. The lovely faceted green ovals are chrysoprase or Aussie jade. All accents are 14k goldfilled.

If I were motivated by money I'd price this way above $55 because the stones are exquisite and are a steal at this price. You only have my word for it at this point because of my poor photography.

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