We had lunch, hosted by Christine at a wonderful establishment which at this moment I will keep a little private. They really don't need the advertisement and we got a table only on account of Chris' connections..........
The food was very good, service almost impeccable and the ambience like that of an exclusive outlet in a 5 star hotel.

Anyway, it was an enjoyable afternoon for Chris, Violet, Julian and myself. At the end of lunch the 3 ladies went to the washroom. These days, most of our wash rooms come with these huge toilet rolls which has a very nice looking cover over it so you don't see the roll and you just see this nice white or grey plastic cover. So it kind of looks like a small medicine cabinet on the wall. It could only happen to me but when I pulled (not with great force I must add),on the paper, the entire cover fell off and landed on my foot. It caused such a racket but fortunately the cover was of very good quality and it did not chip or break. Then again it was cushioned by my foot which took a bit of a beating - a few scratches and a slightly deeper cut but nothing that a wash and some ointment couldn't clear up.

We really have to thank Chris for the invitation because I'd never heard of this place before today. The return visit will have to be at my invitation - hmmm.... which strings can I pull.......

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