ALLY is a piece specially commissioned by a mother for her daughter's 18th birthday. Pat, Ally's mum, has this special tradition wherein she marks each milestone, each new phase of her daughter's life, with a special gift 12 going on 13, when she turned 16, now 18 and then when she turns 21, when she gets engaged, when she gets married, when she has her first baby - haha! Pat, should I stop? Of course these are tangible things that I speak of. As a mother, Pat has showered upon Ally, the most important and intangible gift of all - a no holds barred Mummy's love.........

I came up with a couple of suggestions for Pat to do her selection and she was very specific about what she wanted. When I showed her this photo I could hear the excitement in her voice when she said "thats it"! This so encompasses Ally - pure simplicity with an understated beauty. Ally is a beautiful and slim young lady. The ultra fine 925 silver chain would make this simple ruby drop look like its floating off an invisible chain. I don't see Ally (from her photos) as a showy person. Arty and unassuming and definitely not one to draw boisterous attention to herself. This suits her to a T.


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