The absolutely best part of my 'hobby' is the friendship that has developed online with many of you out there. Mel has been very supportive of my work ever since she stumbled onto my blog. We have become 'online' friends and she shares with me snippets of her worklife and her travels and makes it a point to compliment each piece of jewellery that she receives. Today, I returned home from my morning errands to find this beautiful floral arrangement from her. She knew I was feeling a little under the weather and decided to cheer me up. I know Mel works in a fast paced and very stressful environment and sometimes she feels like pulling her hair out but inspite of that she found the time to do something to make me happy!

She is the epitome of the "happy people filled with love" I talk about in the "About Me" section of my blog.

Thank you very much Melissa. You have really made my day! =D


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