PEACE (BL 639-07) S$95 SOLD

Today I woke up feeling on top of the world. It was still just before sunrise and I could see the faint glow of the rising sun in the sky. I felt grateful to be able to wake up to the thrill of birds just moving out of their nests to spread their wings, the smell of morning dew on my plants after last night's rain and the best gift of all - peace. I know this is not something we should take for granted and for that I'm doubly grateful. This creation sums up how I feel today. Crystal clear thoughts and at peace with myself. A fantastic multi faceted quartz puffed teadrop with a slightly bevelled edge, a 14k goldfilled connector and a couple of aquamarine faceted coins and moonstone brios all hanging daintly off a 16" goldfilled chain which closes with a 14k goldfilled lobster clasp. This nugget sits right smack in the center high above the chest and is a dazzler. Quartz teardrop measures 1" down and 1" across at the base.

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