REBEKAH (BL 642-07) S$68 SOLD

We've had really cool weather here in Singapore but our cool weather is usually associated with rain which really puts an added dampner on things. In this case my photography!

These are lovely moss green and brick red tree jasper nuggets. I love the irregular shape of the nuggets and I've used faceted red jasper rondells as spacers. These stones have a rather rustic earthy feel about them so I've chosen to go basic and natural and added two hilltribe silver beads to complete the look. Measuring approx 18" this is an 'evergreen'.

JUST A LITTLE NOTHING ABOUT MUCH - Whilst I receive frequent feedback that so and so's dropshots/live journal/blogspot/typepad has once again tried to replicate a creation of mine including the name, I usually shrug it off as their loss not mine as its an obvious case of lack of creativity on their part. What really bugs me is the lifting of my text/words. If you want to use my text/words I would suggest having your thesaurus or dictionary on hand because when I choose subtlety to infer something, you might just miss the point if you haven't caught on and don't have follow thru'. Thats when the demon comes out of the closet and starts laughing at you for truly not understanding what I was trying to say in the first place. The fluidity of the language gets lost when you switch to your own brand of writing. Originality encompasses totality and that would include the copywriting. Sanctimonious professing on your sites about ethics and copyright laws does not absolve you from the very act you claim to deplore.

Lets play fair.

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