I received this note from Sasha.
I think she's the politest little doggie around =D

Gosh Aunty Belinda:

Modelling is such haaaaarrrrd work ..... I'm so tired, my poor little
legs just couldn't hold up my
"ample" body as you so kindly put it. I HAD to lie down as my legs
were aching, so Mummy finally
let me off the hook, and gave me a "reward". :)

I hope there are some nice shots for you to choose from coz Mummy
said you mentioned in
your blog that you'd put another one or two of me up today
"featuring" the necklace you made.

I wuvvvvve you Aunty Belinda ..... I had a very, very HAPPY birthday
indeed !!

Thanks for making me look so glam !


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Simone said...

Oh my gosh, Sasha is soooooo cute! Love the red necklace she is wearing too ... :)))