This is an amazing sky that I managed to capture at around 6 pm this evening. It was relatively bright when I took these shots but I was facing the direct light and somehow except for what I wanted to capture, everything else appears like a dark sky. Anyway, as the clouds parted, there rose from behind a white cloud a spectrum of rainbow colours. I guess this has something to do with the high humidity in Singapore and light passing thru the moisture in the air or light refraction because of the moisture. Whatever it is, it is an amazing sight and just a reminder ot the wonders and of a greater Being than all of us that has control of the buttons. I always believe that a rainbow - irrespective of the scientific or technical explanations - is a message to me. Others might see it differently but I see the new colors as a message of something positive.

I captured more than 20 photos and these are just a few of the more obvious ones that I'm sharing here.

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