KAY CLOSE UP (bl 651-07)


KAY (BL 651-07)
I finished this necklace earlier in the day but had to complete something before posting this online. Then I was stumped for a name. A very bright spark, bit of a smart alec too, sent me a message then everything fell into place. KAY is a mixture of bloodstone pillars and round beads and moss agate coin shape beads plus 2 specially crafted polymer clay beads with a teal background.

Bloodstone is a stone of courage. It is said to bring strength of mind, firmness of purpose & confidence in difficult situations. It can be used to assist one in taking the actions dictated by the heart's desire. It is said to purify the blood and increase life force energies.

Moss agate is associated with the heart chakra, and is a stone of compatiblity and friendship. It is also believed to help improve circulation, enhance healing of all types, overcome digestive or intestinal disorders. Green moss agate is said to assist in finding hidden treasure, and is a stone of prosperity.

Lifted off an internet site - I just say it as I read it...........

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