LOIS (BL 669-07) S$80 SOLD

My bad photography day continues............... Superman kept flashing thru' my mind (probably "man of steel") and thats why I decided on naming this LOIS - Lois Lane/Superman??
Anyhow, flat, faceted grey moonstones separated by tiny silverplated cubes and 2 polymer clay beads with a batik sort of print at the side.

Approx 16" in total length this is a really classy piece in reality. Not as austere in reality becuase the moonstones have lovely 'flashes' when they catch the light. I would deem this corporately fashionable if there's such a term - corporate yet fashionable

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Jessica Moreau Berry said...

Hallo Dear Belinda! Your creations are as beautiful and creative as ever!!!!

We are having an OUT OF CONTROL busy summer, but I wanted to sneak over and say hi!!!