Yesterday I had the most enjoyable visit from Miss Muffett =D
She didn't come along with her tuffet but she did come with a huge box of freshly made muffins and a box of tissues all tied up in a bow for my husband. The box of tissues was to wipe his tears from crying over me spending so much $$$ on my beads. I thought that was real cute. The muffins are to die for and I'm just sorry I didn't take any photos. Anyway, in all that time we spent together, laughing and laughing and more laughing she told me about something she was working on for a particular box. Inspired greatly by her enthusiasm I dug (not too deep) and came up with these components to create what I saw in my mind's eye, her description of the project she's working on. Vintage looking lotus leaves and flowers, swarovski crystals, pewter dragonflies on a smaller lotus pad and all hanging from a short chain bringing the drop to around 1-1/2". Span of the larger leaf is 1". Goldfill earwires. Leaves are identical in size - position of the leaves gives the impression of the one closer to the camera being larger.

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