I had breakfast in the city with my husband, ran some errands and then headed home and started on some orders. When I'm engrossed in my work I don't even remember to eat - hmmm....not that I've got a waistline to die for ! Today was such a day. At around 3 pm I got a call from Sasha's mummy telling me she was turning the corner and was going to drop off a serving of this local delicacy - mee siam. "mee" in this instance is rice vermicelli and Siam would be referring to the old name of Thailand. A spicy, piquant and slightly sweet dish, this was like manna from Heaven for me! This photo shows the noodles with the spicy gravy added.

These noodles are prepared from scratch by Pat, onions/chillies and whatever other ingredient she uses, is peeled by hand, diced, chopped, ground all by this very talented little dynamite.

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